We believe that games will become open and thriving economies. In-game assets will become productive and valuable.

We support this movement by investing and operating assets in Web3.

Together Strong for a decentralized future!

About us

Our mission is to use the power of our 5KONGZ to create thrilling adventures that not only entertain, but also showcase the potential of decentralization.

We aim to inspire and educate people about the benefits of decentralization, and to empower them to join us in shaping a more decentralized future that supports global equality and unity.

We want to own and operate the most productive assets in Web3.

We believe that gaming will accelarete decentralization into the mainstream, and with over 4 billion in NFT transaction volume allready, Roninchain is the best-positioned blockchain for this market.

By supporting the Ronin ecosystem, we aim to help unlock the full potential of decentralized gaming and its impact on the global community. One World. Boundless Connections. Infinite Possibilities.

Get to know the 5KONGZ

5 Kongz are ready to explore and shape the decentralized future of tomorrow. Meet the 5 Kongz and be excited to see what adventures they will conquer.

Prof. Banana Brain

Born and raised in the futuristic world of CyberCity, Prof. Banana Brain is the intellect and the muscular powerhouse of the 5Kongz.

He is not only a walking encyclopedia with an incredible memory but also an impressively strong and athletic Kong. From an early age, Prof. Banana Brain was fascinated by science, technology, and understanding the world around him. He studied decentralization at the prestigious CyberCity University in Manila and became an expert in the field. During his studies, he also developed a passion for fitness and strength training, which contributed to his impressive physique.

As part of the 5Kongz, Prof. Banana Brain uses his remarkable intellectual abilities to solve puzzles, unravel complex problems, and assist his friends in their missions. His immense physical strength often comes in handy for the team when it comes to escaping dangerous situations or keeping enemies at bay.

Some of his greatest role models are Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, and Manny Pacquiao. These influential figures have shaped Prof. Banana Brain’s passion for decentralization, technological innovation, and physical prowess.

With a combination of knowledge and strength, Prof. Banana Brain is an indispensable member of the 5Kongz. His incredible intellect and athletic abilities make him a true role model for young and adult viewers who value the importance of education and physical fitness.


The ingenious inventor and mechanic of the 5Kongz, Gizmo, hails from the Land Down Under.

Born and raised in the Australian Outback, he later moved to Sydney, where he refined his passion for tinkering and engineering.

Gizmo is well known for his distinctive and enchanting witch head, which adds an air of mystery to his persona. In addition to his inventive and mechanical skills, Gizmo has a remarkable talent for making the impossible come true. He possesses a touch of magic that allows him to create extraordinary solutions and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

As a true wizard of technology hailing from Australia, Gizmo plays a crucial role in helping the 5Kongz on their thrilling adventures. His unique background, coupled with his magical abilities, makes him an unforgettable and inspiring character for viewers around the world.

Captain Byte

The courageous leader of the 5Kongz, Captain Byte, boasts an impressive background.

Born in an advanced region of Africa, he was raised by lions in the heart of the continent. This unique upbringing instilled in him a strong sense of justice and an unwavering determination to protect his friends.

Over time, Captain Byte developed the ability to communicate with computers and technological devices. This skill allowed him to excel at solving complex problems and become a guardian of the digital world.

As the head of the 5Kongz, Captain Byte leads his team through exciting adventures, always ensuring their safety and the pursuit of justice. His powerful blend of lion-hearted courage and technological expertise makes him an inspiring figure for viewers of all ages.


Zapp, the lightning-fast member of the 5Kongz, has an exciting background rooted in the vibrant cultures of South America.

Born in the bustling metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil, he later moved to a serene farm in Argentina, where he learned the value of hard work and dedication.

From an early age, Zapp discovered his incredible talent for speed. He can move faster than the eye can see, making him an invaluable asset to the 5Kongz in their thrilling adventures.

His ability to cover vast distances in the blink of an eye has earned him the admiration of his teammates and fans alike.

In addition to his super speed, Zapp brings a unique blend of urban and rural experiences from his time in São Paulo and Argentina. This diverse background allows him to adapt to various environments and understand different perspectives, enriching the dynamic of the 5Kongz team.

As a key member of the 5Kongz, Zapp uses his exceptional speed to help his friends overcome obstacles, evade danger, and accomplish their missions. His captivating South American origins and incredible abilities make him an inspiring and unforgettable character for viewers around the world.


BizWiz, the savvy business-minded member of the 5Kongz, hails from Europe, where he learned the ins and outs of the corporate world.

Starting from scratch, he acquired essential business skills, but soon realized that the traditional corporate environment wasn’t the right fit for him.

Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, BizWiz discovered that being a businessman was akin to being an artist – he could create his own world and shape it according to his desires. With this newfound perspective, he ventured out of the corporate world and began using his skills to support and enable his fellow Kongz.

BizWiz is driven by his passion for freedom – freedom of speech, freedom of transaction, and freedom of information. He understands that almost everything ever created was achieved with a sense of business, and he uses this knowledge to help the 5Kongz bring their ideas to life and achieve their goals.

As a key member of the 5Kongz, BizWiz uses his exceptional business acumen to empower his friends and ensure they have the resources and support they need to succeed. His unique background, desire for freedom, and entrepreneurial spirit make him an inspiring and valuable character for viewers around the world.

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